We've made the Auto Standby feature as sensitive as we possibly could. The problem is if there's a weak audio signal coming into the speaker, the speaker will start to count down to turn off because the audio fell below a certain threshold.

All ZVOX speakers come with an 'Auto Standby' feature activated, which will automatically power the soundbar off after 10-20 minutes of not receiving an audio signal. Some televisions may cause the soundbar to turn off in the middle of a program due to a weak audio signal. If you're running into this issue please click on the link below that corresponds to your speaker.

Disabling Auto Off/Standby AV357, AV355, AV257, AV157, AV155, AV203, AV150, AV201, New 6 Level Version SB380, SB500, SB700

AV100 & AV102 Auto Off Standby/Auto 

Disable Auto Standby 350, 450, 570, 670, 770

Disable Auto Standby 220, 320, 420, 555, 580

Disable Auto Standby on Version 1.0 AV200/AV205, SB380, SB400, SB500, SB700 (One Level of Accuvoice) 

Disabling Auto Off/Standby AV110

Disabling Auto Off/Standby AV120 

If your ZVOX Speaker is not listed on one of the links above, please contact us by email so we can assist you with it directly: