PS Emulation Modes

The first six options in the PS menu are emulation modes. See “Using the SoundBase remote control emulation modes” for instructions.
PS- 0  No brand emulation
PS- 1  Sony
PS- 2  LG
PS- 3  Samsung
PS- 4  Vizio 
PS- 5  Panasonic 
PS- 6  Marantz

There are no PS number choices between PS 6 and PS10.


PS10 "AS" Auto Standby:When PS10 is selected, the SoundBase will automatically enter a low-power draw Standby mode after 20-30 minutes of very low to no audio signal. In most uses, this means the SoundBase will turn its self off after you turn off the TV.
PS11 - “noAS” no Auto Standby:
When PS11 is selected, the SoundBase will only enter Standby in response to a press of the POWER button on the SoundBase remote or from a “learned” remote control. The SoundBase will not enter Standby automatically.

PS12 “AO” Auto On: The SoundBase turns on in response to the Power, Volume and Mute commands from the SoundBase remote and from the “learned” remote.

PS13 “noAO” no Auto On:
The SoundBase turns on in response to a SoundBase remote command, but not a “learned” remote command. Once on, the SoundBase will respond to a “learned” remote.

PS14 “OnEr” One Remote: 
The SoundBase responds to just the SoundBase remote control. Any “learned” remote response is disabled. Choosing PS12 or PS13 restores a “learned” remote’s ability
to control the SoundBase.