If you are hearing the sound cut in and out on the Zvox, try the solutions described below.  These fixes apply for most of our current speakers but not all.  

1) The optical cable is not properly connected to either the Zvox or TV.  These cables have to make a perfect connection or the audio will cut in and out.  Try unplugging the optical cable from both the TV and the Zvox and then plug it back in.  When you plug it in you should feel a "click" this is an indicator that a good connection was made.  

2) The Zvox is set to "BOTH" mode.  "BOTH" mode is a feature on the Zvox that allows you to use both inputs at the same time, the Zvox will automatically switch between inputs.  If you are only using one input this could be why the sound is cutting in and out.  To see if you are on "BOTH" mode press the input button on the Zvox remote.  If you see "BOTH" on the Zvox's display you have "BOTH" mode enabled.  To turn off "BOTH" mode simply press and hold the input button on the Zvox remote until you see "IN1D" or "IN2A".  

3) The Zvox is turning off when it shouldn't.  If you find the Zvox is turning off approximately every 10-20 minutes it could be because the speaker is receiving a weak audio signal from the TV.  To fix this problem you will need to turn off the Automatic Standby feature.  To turn this off you will first need to make sure the Zvox is on and working, then press and hold the power button on the Zvox remote until you see "NOAS".  

If none of these solutions fixed the problem for you please let us know by emailing us at info@zvoxaudio.com