Some Sony Smart TV remotes connect to the TV using Bluetooth.  The Zvox can only communicate with remotes that use IR (infrared).  In order to get the "learning" process to work with a Sony Smart Remote you need to disable Bluetooth on the remote.  If you do this you will loose some features on the remote like the mic function and the Google Assistant.  Bluetooth can be turned back on if you miss these features.  

If you want to disable Bluetooth the below image explains how to do this.  

The Bluetooth remote supplied with my TV doesn't control the volume of my soundbar system

Some third party soundbars that can be connected to the TV's Optical output can be programmed to adjust volume based on a TV remote that uses infrared signals (IR).
The latest Sony remote uses a Bluetooth® (BT) connection with the TV, therefore the third party soundbar cannot be setup to adjust volume based on the TV remote.
Here are some helpful tips that can serve as options:
  • Utilize the HDMI(ARC) connection on the soundbar (if equipped).
    • BRAVIA® Sync is used to adjust the volume of the soundbar.
  • Disconnect the BT mode on the supplied remote.
    • The remote reverts to IR and will facilitate volume control of the soundbar (but will disconnect the Google Assistant and the Mic function).
  • Use the remote provided with the soundbar to adjust the volume on the soundbar.