Follow these troubleshooting steps if one or both of your AV30s is not working properly.  

1) Remove the transparent sticker from the bottom of both earbuds.  If the sticker was on the earbuds you can test them now, otherwise move to the next step.  

2) Delete the AV30s from your phone's Bluetooth pairing screen.  

3) Reset the AV30s - Place both AV30s in the charging case and leave the top of the case open.  Then press and hold the button on the bottom of the case until you see a purple light on both AV30s.  This resets the AV30s.


4) Go back into the Bluetooth pairing settings on your phone and pair the AV30s again.


5) Try the AV30s, if they are both working stop here.  If either the left or right AV30 is not working move to the next step.  

6) Manually power on the AV30 that isn't working.  To power an AV30 on or off you place one finger on the top of the AV30 where the LED is and place a second finger right below it where you would normally tap to change functions.  Hold both fingers in the same place for 5 seconds and you should hear "Power Off" or "Power On".