We stock replacement remotes for our current units as well as some discontinued ZVOX models.

The Multilevel AccuVoice Remote is the replacement remote for the AV200/201, AV203, AV155, AV157, AV257, AV357, AV355 as well the current Home theater Sound bar w/6 levels of AccuVoice (SB380, SB500 and SB700).

This Multilevel AccuVoice remote can be purchased from link below:


The Omni Remote control is the replacement remote for our earlier units with only 1 level of AccuVoice. This includes the ZVOX Platinum Series (570 , 670, 770), ZVOX SoundBars (SB380, SB400, SB500, SB700), SoundBase 330, 350, 440 and 450, AV200/205 AccuVoice TV Speaker, V-Series SoundBases (220, 320, 420) and the legacy models SoundBase 555 and 580. 

This Omni Remote can be purchased from link below:


If you need a remote for an older system without an LED display such as the ZVOX 415, 425, 430, 525, 550 and 575 you will need the Remote 4a.

You need to call our tech support phone line to check availability of the Remote 4a.

Our Tech Support phone line is: (866) 367-9869

All remotes cost $15 US which includes shipping and handling. 

Some sales tax may apply depending on State of residence.

 Please note: Remotes and accessories are not covered by any warranty.