To activate the learning mode first turn off the AV110 and then hold the Accuvoice button until "Ln" appears.  

Up - Hold Volume Up 
--    - Release Volume Up
rp  -  Hold Volume Up again
Go - Good
dn - Hold Volume Down
--   - Release Volume Down
rp - Hold Volume Down again
Go - Good
00 - Hold the Mute Button
--    Release the Mute Button
rp - Hold the Mute Button again
Go - Good
pr - Hold the Power Button
--  - Release the Power Button
rp - Hold the Power Button Again.  
Go - Good
--   - Will stay on the display for several seconds then learning mode ends.  
If "no" appears on the display it indicates that the Zvox didn't accept the IR command and learning mode will end.  This is the same as noch on our other speakers.  When learning mode ends it displays two dashes at the bottom of the display.