Accessing the PS-menu (Program Settings) on the SB Series 

Original SB Series - Simultaneously press and hold the POWER and volume UP (+) buttons on the side of the speaker for 5 seconds.

6 Level Accuvoice SB series - Press and hold down the OTHER SETTINGS (PS) button on the ZVOX remote for five seconds or until you see “PS 0” start to flash.  Once you see “PS 0” start flashing on the display, use the volume UP or DOWN arrow button to select the proper PS-number. You will have 21-seconds before the process times out and each time you go to a new PS number.  Once you have the proper PS-number selected, you can either wait for the process to time out (the display will then stop flashing), or, you can then press the OTHER SETTINGS (PS) button to select your PS number and exit the PS-menu. 

PS Emulation Modes

The first six options in the PS menu are emulation modes. 

PS-0 Learned Commands

PS-1 Sony


PS-3 Samsung

PS-4 Vizio

PS-5 Panasonic

New PS-commands:

PS-6 Marantz

Note: Commands PS-10 through PS-31 can be selected without affecting PS-0 through PS-6, with the exception of PS-14 which only allows the ZVOX remote to operate the unit.  For instance if you had PS-1 for Sony TVs set on the unit and then you went to PS-11 for No Auto Standby, PS-1 is still engaged.

PS-10 = Auto Standby (still the default setting when you first power on the ZVOX system) the display shows “AS” for 3-times then goes dark.

PS-11 = No Auto Standby (display shows “noAS” for 3-times then goes dark.)

PS-12 = Auto On (default setting) Display shows “AO” 3-times then goes dark. ‘Auto On’ means that the ZVOX system will turn on with any available remote command either learned.

PS-13 = No Auto On (Display shows “noAO” 3-times then goes dark.) This makes the ZVOX system only turn on or off from the power button command on the ZVOX remote or another power command from a learned remote.

PS-14 = One Remote (Display shows “OnEr” for 3-times then goes blank.) This feature only allows the ZVOX system to respond to the ZVOX supplied remote control only. If there was a previously learned remote in the PS-0 position, it is still there, it is just now not functional. (Putting the system back to PS-0 will allow the previously learned remote to again operate the system.) 

PS-15 = Current Software Version (internal use). 

Note: The PS-15 setting can only be reached while pressing the volume + button. So if the PS-0 is flashing and you press volume – repeatedly, it will start at PS-14 and go down to PS-0 then PS-14 again. Oddly enough, if you press volume – from PS-0 to get to PS-14 then press volume + once, PS-15 appears.

PS-16 = EQ For Front facing position (SB Series only)

PS-17 = EQ For Face Up position (SB Series only)

PS-18 = EQ For Wall Mount position (SB Series only)

PS-20 = ’ALL’ (Turn all inputs back on) 

*PS-20 appears in the menu once you have activated one of PS-21- PS-27.

Locking Inputs

PS-21 = PS-27 locks the input button on the remote control to the corresponding inputs only. 

*This was done so that you can turn on and use only the inputs that are currently connected.  For instance if you only used the optical connection and the Bluetooth connection, you turn on only those inputs via the PS-menu and set PS-21 first than PS-27 so those are the options on the remote when you press the input button would either be ‘In1d’ or ‘bLUE’, ignoring the other unused inputs.

PS-21 = ’In1d’ Locks input in

PS-22 = ’In2d’ Locks input in

PS-23 = ’In3d’ Locks input in

PS-24 = ’In4a’ (In3A, SB Series) Locks input in

PS-25 = ’In5a’ Locks input in

PS-26 = ’In6a’ Locks input in

PS-27 = ’bLUE’ Locks input in

PS-30 = Normal full range operation (SB500,700 with sub-out) 

PS31 = Hi-Pass operation (later models (SB500,700 with sub-out)