Accessing the PS-menu (Program Settings) on the AV Series ZVOX:

Make sure that the AV is first powered “On”.

Press and hold down the OTHER SETTINGS (PS) button on the ZVOX remote for

five seconds while you aim it at the ZVOX display until you see “PS 0” start to

flash. Once you see “PS 0” start flashing on the display, immediately use the volume UP and

DOWN arrow buttons on the remote to select the proper PS-number.

You will have 21-seconds before the process times out and each time you go to a new PS number, the 21-second clock resets. Once you have the proper PS-number selected, you can either wait for the process to time out (the display will then stop flashing), or, you can then press the OTHER SETTINGS (PS) button to select your PS number and exit the PS-menu. Simultaneously pressing and holding in the side panel POWER and volume UP (+) buttons will also activate the PS-menu.

Pressing the side panel volume UP (+) button will then allow you to select the proper PS setting (On some AV models only).

PS 0: Learned Remote Commands

PS 1: Sony

PS 2: LG

PS 3: Samsung

PS 4: Vizio

PS 5: Panasonic

PS 6: Not Used

PS 7: Not Used

PS 8: Not Used

PS 9: Not Used

PS10: Auto Standby (AS) (default setting). Unit will turn itself off in 20-minutes

when no audio signal is detected.  

PS11: No Auto Standby (noAS) turns off the Auto Standby feature. Unit will only

power off with a POWER button command.

Note: You can toggle the Auto Standby feature “on” (AS) or “off” (noAS) by first

having the system powered on and then pressing and holding down the power

button on the ZVOX remote for 5-6 seconds while you aim it at the ZVOX display.

PS12: Auto On (AO) (default setting). The digital optical input on the system

senses an audio signal from the TV and the speaker automatically powers on. Also,

the unit will respond to many different remote commands to power on.

PS13: No Auto On (noAO). This makes the ZVOX system only power on or off

from the power button command on the ZVOX remote or the power command

from a previously learned remote control.

PS14: One Remote (OnEr) This feature makes the system respond to the ZVOX

remote only. If there was a previously learned remote in the PS 0-position, it is still

there, it is just now not functional. (Putting the system back to PS 0 will allow the

previously learned remote to again operate the system.)

Note: While PS14 is engaged, the remote learning procedure is disabled. Putting

the system back to PS 0 will re-enable the remote learning process.

PS15: Displays the current model and software version of the system.

PS20: Restores both the digital and analog inputs via the ZVOX remote control’s

input button.

PS21: Optical input lock (In1d). This setting locks the input button on the ZVOX

remote to only access the digital optical input and not the second analog input.

(Selecting PS20 will restore both the digital and the analog inputs.)

PS22: Analog input lock (In2a). This setting locks the input button on the ZVOX remote to only access the analog input and not the digital input. (Selecting PS20 will restore both the digital and the analog inputs.)

The input button located on the side panel of the system (I) will always toggle

between both the optical and analog inputs, even if you have selected PS21 or