AV100 & AV102 Functions

Power ON = 4 BLUE LED flashes

Power OFF = 4 Amber/Orange LED flashes

Volume Up: Amber/Orange LED quickly blinking 4 times

Volume Down:  BLUE LED quickly blinking 4 times

MUTE:  Amber/Orange & BLUE simultaneously blinking

Accuvoice 1 = Amber/Orange than BLUE LED immediately appears

Accuvoice 2- 6 = BLUE LED blinks 2 through 6 times depending on which Accuvoice setting you are set on.

Auto Standby/Auto On/Off:

While the speaker is OFF Press and hard hold the power button at least 5 seconds.


Amber/Orange to BLUE LED blinking =  Turns ON feature

BLUE to Amber/Orange LED blinking = Turns OFF feature

Firmware Code Readout:

While ON hard hold the Power button for 5 seconds, you will see Amber/Orange & BLUE LEDs flashing 12 times.  (Servicing information Only)

AV100 & AV102 Master Reset: 

While ON hard hold Power for 5 seconds, you will see Amber/Orange & BLUE LEDs,

immediately release power and hard hold Accuvoice, 4 BLUE LED blinks will appear and it will reset.

AV100 & AV102 Remote Learning

While OFF hard hold the Accuvoice button for 5 seconds, you will see Amber/Orange & BLUE simultaneously blink followed by Amber/Orange blinking indicating step 1:

Step 1:  Amber/Orange =  Volume Up

Step 2:  BLUE =  Volume Down

Step 3:  Amber/Orange & BLUE simultaneously blinking =  Mute Button function

Step 4:  BLUE Amber/Orange alternating colors =  Power button function