If your VB25's are not holding a charge its probably not making correct contact with the 2 charging contacts within the charging port.  Follow these steps exact to get a correct charging experience.
1.  Remove the Voicebuds from the charging case, make sure the case is completely charged.  (You will see a RED light turn BLUE on the back of the charging case when its charged up). Remember you can charge the Voicebuds 3 times on that charging case without having it plugged in.

2.  Turn OFF the Voicebuds by holding down the volume down button for 5 seconds (3 flashing RED lights indicate OFF).  If they are completely dead you do not need to do this.
3. Gently insert the Voicebuds back into the charging case one at a time without jamming them down or wiggling them when they are in place. (This is the main customer issue)
4.  If the charging case is OFF when you insert the Voicebuds you will need to press the power button inside the case to turn it ON.  You will see 2 BLUE lights flash indicating they are ON, then start flashing RED indicating charging status. If you do not see RED or it stays flashing BLUE, remove the Voicebud and reinsert again and close the lid.  After they are fully charged (6 Hours) you will see solid BLUE on both LED lights.   

5.  The Charging case will shut OFF after 90 seconds of solid BLUE (Full Charge).  One may take longer to charge than the other, but wait until both are solid BLUE. You may press that power button in the case if it turned OFF to make sure its fully charged,  you will see 2 BLUE lights flash indicating its ON, then start flashing RED indicating charging status and turn solid BLUE after a few seconds, close the lid. 

To turn the Voicebud ON press and hold the volume down button for 5 seconds and you will see 1 RED light flashing on the Voicebud.

We recommend using the charging case with the lid closed, this helps with charging.  If you follow these directions exactly you will get 14-18 hours of battery life every time.

If you have any questions please email us at info@zvoxaudio.com