While the speaker is OFF (Amber lights flashing) press and hold the Accuvoice button on the ZVOX remote for 5 seconds, or until the amber and blue lights flash twice followed by a single amber flashing light indicating the first step of learning a remote. 

Volume Up function Start tapping the volume up button slowly on your preferred remote until the amber light stops flashing.


Once you've finished the volume up function.

Volume Down function Will start flashing a blue light indicating the volume down button.  Follow the same steps for volume down until the blue flashing light turns into amber and blue flashing simultaneously.

Once you've finished the volume down function.

Mute button function Amber and blue flashing simultaneously. Indicating the 3rd step to learn, the mute button function.  Follow the same steps as volume down until you will reach the last function 


Once you've finished the mute down function.

Power button function  

You will see alternating amber and blue lights indicating to learn the power function.  Tap the power button and go through the power learn steps and at the end no lights will flash on the display when done.


At the end you will be able to use your preferred remote to control the ZVOX system.

Click here for video instructions