Connecting Voicebuds to Smart Phone via Bluetooth

Here’s what needs to be done after you download the VoiceBud App in your App Store and turn ON your Bluetooth with your phone or tablet.

Turn On Bluetooth on your device: 

Android: Settings -->  Connections -->  Bluetooth -->  Turn ON Bluetooth

Apple:  Settings -->  Bluetooth -->  Turn ON Bluetooth

For Android Users DO NOT Pair the VoiceBud to Bluetooth, simply turn Bluetooth ON and follow these steps.  If your VoiceBud ends up paired you must "Forget this device" or "Unpair" by pressing down or tapping Voicebud on the Bluetooth list.

1) Turn ON your phone or tablets Bluetooth

2)  Power up VB20 

3)  Open VoiceBud App 

4)  Press the connect to VoiceBuds button.

5)  Select the detected VoiceBud and name it either Left or Right and save.

6)  Power up the second VB20 device. (If you have 2 VB20s)

7)  Press the “connect to VoiceBuds” button.  

8)  Select the newly detected VoiceBud and name it the side that was not done before and save.

9)  Navigate back to the home screen.

10)  Select BOTH.  Now, any action will affect both devices and if you select individual sides you can make adjustments accordingly. 


If you are unable to pair after you have tried this make sure your phone or tablet has a good charge and you are using a VoiceBud battery that has enough life.  If you still can not connect Uninstall the VoiceBud App and reinstall it and follow the steps above and it will work.