AV200, AV201, AV203, AV205, AV257 Original SB380, SB400, SB500, and SB700 Master Reset Instructions

To clear the speaker's memory and bring it back to the factory default settings, you can do a master reset:

  1. Turn the speaker off; either a quick press of the Power button on the remote or press the Power/Mute button on the speaker and hold for a few seconds until it turns "OFF".  
  2.  Press and hold the Input button on the speaker (not on the remote) and for about 20 seconds until the display reads "rst
  3.  Release and the speaker is now reset to factory default, and will restart.

Note: If you previously "learned" a non Zvox remote you will have to "learn" it again after the reset procedure.  The Zvox remote will work as normal after the reset.