How to pair your Bluetooth headphones to your Apple TV

  1.  Put your headphones in pairing mode.
  2.  From the Apple TV Home screen, go to Settings
  3.  Click on Remotes and Devices.
  4.  Click on Bluetooth.
  5.  Let it search for Bluetooth devices.
  6.  When you see your headphones pop up, choose them from the list.
  7.  Some Bluetooth accessories require a PIN. If Apple TV prompts you, type in the PIN*If you have multiple devices paired to a set of ZVOX AV50 headphones it will connect to the closest device unless that devices’ Bluetooth is shut down or the ZVOX AV50 is deleted/removed from the Bluetooth list on that device.  

    To disconnect the Bluetooth on your phone, Go To:  Settings --> Bluetooth --> On/OFF or if you want to Delete/Forget this device (ZVOX)  --> Tap on ZVOX AV50 on the Bluetooth Device listed and either Disconnect or Delete/Forget this device. If your home has multiple ZVOX AV50s headphones we recommend you label your headset so there is no owner confusion.


    Note : On most if not all Android phones you can rename Bluetooth devices.  So you could change the name to "Mom's AV50 or "Dad's AV50" under the Bluetooth settings.  If you unpair the device you will lose the name.