The most common cause of feedback that we have seen is the tube not being properly tightened on the Voicebud.  On the part of the tube that meets the Voicebud you will see a red arrow, that red arrow must be lined up to the red dot at 12 O'clock.  Use the black tool in the kit to tighten the Voicebud clockwise.

If the tube is properly tightened and you are still hearing feedback you should try a different tube to see if it fixes it.  We have seen tubes get crushed, bent and don't work properly, and some tubes just do not make a good seal with the Voicebud. 

We have also seen tubes where the part that connects to the ear dome gets pulled out of the tube.  If this happens it would be a good idea to contact our support team, email us at to verify your warranty and exchange it. 

Sometimes the tube and Voicebud appear to make a good connection, but the second you start moving the Voicebud the tube unlocks.  Sometimes a bad tube is the cause other times it is the Voicebud, you should try a different tube if this happens a lot. 


We have also seen ear wax cause Feedback.  You should try and clean both the ear dome and tube regularly.  Sometimes a Voicebud will appear clean but there will be a tiny amount of earwax in the tube, it can be hard to see.

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