1)  Most Bluetooth problems that customers will experience can be fixed by powering the ZVOX off,  deleting the ZVOX from the Bluetooth list on the phone/tablet,  then restarting the phone/tablet and ZVOX.  You will then need to pair the ZVOX to your device again.  

2) If the phone/tablet shows that the ZVOX is connected but you do not hear sound through the ZVOX, try turning up the volume on the phone/tablet.  If the media volume is at 0 on the phone or tablet no sound will come out of the ZVOX.  

3)  Some apps like YouTube will not output audio when the app is minimized. 

4)  Often just pairing and connecting a Bluetooth device on a laptop or desktop isn't enough to get audio to output through the ZVOX.  The laptop/desktop will usually have a setting to change where the audio is being output from.  This is different on every operating system.  In short you will want to choose to send audio to the Bluetooth device instead of the headphone jack or HDMI output.