We recommend the Proster HDMI Audio Extractor for TV's without audio outputs available for alternative audio system connectivity.

Click Here for link: Proster Brand HDMI audio extractor for no audio out TVs.

Setup instructions 

1. Use the provided HDMI cable to connect to OUT on Prozor and to TV HDMI 1, Set the TV to HDMI 1 and leave it the TV ON.

2. Plug power into Prozor and into USB into TV or Wall wart for power.

3. Plug Firestick into Prozor HDMI 1 and any other HDMI sources into HDMI 2, HDMI 3 like a Cable Box, DVD player, etc..

4. Plug the ZVOX into the digital audio output via (optical) on the Prozor labelled SPDIF with the cable we provided, the other end into the ZVOX speaker digital input 1d.

5. Make sure the Prozor is lit up and power powered on, Turn the ZVOX on and set to input in1d with the ZVOX remote.

6. On the Prozor make sure its the blue LED is lit above #1 for your Firestick and you will see and hear your TV with ZVOX sound once you have a picture.

You will now use the Prozor remote or SELECT button on the Prozor to go between your different HDMI sources instead of using the TV remote to do so, everything else will work normally.