It should not be hard to hang the sound bar from the Sanus SA405 bracket.

Install video on the Sanus Sa405 Bracket: 

You will need to make a trip to the hardware store to purchase a few nuts and bolts. Here is what we suggest. 

2x 1/4-20 bolt about 1.5"- 2", make sure the bolt head is large enough to securely capture the keyhole hanger slot on the ZVOX but not too large that it won't fit in the slot opening.

2x fender washers
2x lock washers
2x 1/4-20 butterfly nut

1. Put the fender washer on the bolt (to spread out the contact area to the bracket arm)

2. Use the lock washer and a butterfly nut on the opposite side of the bracket arm.

Note: The fender washers may not be needed, but it may help keep the ZVOX from angling down toward the floor.

Attached are several pictures of an ZVOX hung on a mount similar to yours. we hope this helps, let us know if you hve any questions.