Version 1.0 AV200/AV205, SB380, SB400, SB500, SB700

We’ve made the Auto Standby feature as sensitive as we possibly could. The problem is if there’s a weak audio signal coming into the speaker, the speaker will start to count down to turn off because the audio fell below a certain threshold.


This item comes with an ‘Auto Standby’ feature activated, which will automatically power the soundbar off after about 20-minutes of not receiving an audio signal. Some televisions may cause the soundbar to turn off in the middle of a program due to a weak audio signal. If you find that your ZVOX TV soundbar is turning off while you are watching TV, you can follow the steps below to disable that feature:


1) Simultaneously press and hold in both the power button and the volume plus (+) button on the side.


2) After about 4-5 seconds you will see "PS 0" start to flash on the display.


3) Once you see "PS 0" start to flash on the display, release both buttons and slowly press and release the Volume plus (+) button until you reach the “PS 11” setting.


4) “PS 11” will flash for a few seconds, then you will see "noAS" flash on the display 3-times which stands for ‘No Auto Standby’, then the display will disappear.

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