For first version SB400, SB380, SB500, SB700  with single level of Accuvoice.

You can place the ZVOX SB models into the PS 13 setting for “No Auto On” which will defeat the ZVOX from turning on automatically. If you put the ZVOX is in the PS 13 setting (display will flash “noAO” 3-times when selected), the unit will only power on with the power button on the ZVOX remote, or from the power button of a previously learned remote control. (PS 12 restores the Auto On setting, “AO” will flash 3-times on the display.

To remove the Auto On feature press and hold the Mute/power button and Volume Up button on the side of the speaker for 5 seconds and PS-0 will start flashing on the display, once you see that message appear release the 2 buttons and tap on the Volume Up button until the LED reads PS-13.  Once you see PS-13 it will flash 3 times then go away and it will read NoAO and you should be all set.