The ZVOX Audio Carton/Packing Set Policy

A ZVOX Audio ZVOX System must be shipped in its specific ZVOX Audio carton and padding. The padding has to be positioned properly within the carton. A ZVOX System that is shipped in any other type of packaging is almost certain to sustain damage. The ZVOX Audio carton/padding set is a costly, reusable container. ZVOX Audio urges a ZVOX System owner to flatten and store the carton and padding used to ship your ZVOX System. A replacement carton/padding set is NOT covered under the terms of the ZVOX Audio one year warranty.

The original carton/padding set must be kept by the ZVOX Audio owner to exercise his or her 60 day refund. A new ZVOX Audio owner cannot exercise his or her 60 day refund should he or she elect to discard the carton and padding.

Should a ZVOX Audio owner elect to discard the carton/padding set, a replacement carton/padding set must be purchased in order to submit a ZVOX System for repair under the ZVOX Audio one-year warranty. ZVOX replacement carton/padding sets are provided if needed.

Please email to order carton/padding set.